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January 2014

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I haven't been posting much lately. That much is probably clear, though the reason why may be missing.

To be honest, I've remained busy wasting my time on World of Warcraft. I thought I was out, and they pulled me back in - every time I think about cutting my playtime, something new catches my eye, and it's like becoming addicted for the first time all over again. Hmm.

The new PowerBook line was announced, and it's virtually identical to the previous one. I remain very happy with my purchase, though I do plan on replacing this system with a new model once the 'Books are equipped with G5 CPUs and/or OS X 10.4. Just how long I'll be waiting remains to be seen, but I need to start thinking about buying AppleCare before the stock warranty on my system expires this August.

I'm playing with FreeBSD again. Things have mostly remained slow at work lately (with fewer users come fewer chances for failure) and I've had the time to test and research many options to replace our existing systems. I think I'll make a full post on this later, so stay tuned...

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