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January 2014

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I've taken on a little side project at home. I'll have a full post on it later, but the basic gist is this - Solaris + ZFS = sexy.

We use Solaris extensively at work. At first, I hated using it - Solaris 9 really, really sucks in some ways. It's not that it doesn't work - it works insanely well - but it has virtually none of the sexy stuff you expect from Linux by default. Administration is, essentially, more annoying.

Updating the jumpstart server with some quality open source software and upgrading to Solaris 10 has changed my entire outlook on the matter, though. Solaris 10 is the most powerful operating environment I've ever used - in large part due to its resource allocation and container solution (i.e. zones), its replacement for the antiquated SysV init (SMF), and - of course - ZFS.

ZFS really is everything you've heard about it - it abstracts everything in marvelous ways. It combines the best of solstice disk suite and tools such as LVM, and it presents everything as tidy little logical units.

I've been running Solaris 10 x86 at home for a couple of months on my spare Dell box (in a former life, it was coltrane, my kitchen web/mail server). I've come to appreciate the power - and I have to say that I'm sold on Solaris. I've come to the conclusion that if my hardware can run Solaris, it will run Solaris - excepting workstations and the special purpose stuff that just HAS to be Linux (i.e., MythTV).

The project - a 5 x 500 GB RAIDZ array. 2 Terrabytes of usable storage (+ parity). I'll let you know how it goes.

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