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January 2014

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For a while now I've been a real fan of Hybrid vehicles, and have been jealously eyeing every Prius I've spotted on the road. I was convinced at one point that my next car would be one of these rare and costly items, even though they only increase fuel efficiency by about 20% over standard cars. Hey, that's *something* after all.

But, in my current location, I've got an even better solution that's been sitting in my back yard - my bike.

I'm in the rare and lucky situation of living within 3 miles of where I work, and as such I can ride there in about 10 minutes. As an added bonus, my gym is right across the road from my office - so all I need to do is show up early enough, and I can workout and shower before work.

The only thing holding me back has been the need to transport more stuff than will fit in a backpack, and I just ordered a pannier to remedy that situation. Once this thing arrives, I should be able to ditch the car entirely for normal daily use - so while those Prius owners may feel great about their 37 MPG, I'll be running on 100% bio-fuel, and getting a good workout to boot.

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