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It's no secret that I've got no love for Kerry or Bush, but I'll be damned if the Republicans aren't finding ways to piss me off even more. Tonight at the RNC Mr. Giuliani, hero by timing, played the dirtiest, filthiest, most dispicible card in the scumbag political trickster's deck - the 9/11 trump.

I'm tired of this shit. It's possibly the worst intelligence failure in the history of this country (Pearl Harbor could be close, perhaps), and we have every Republican out there screaming "God Bless George W. Bush for pulling us through the worst time in America's history." What utter, disrespectful tripe.

9/11 was a symbol of our weakness and false sense of security, a window into the failings of our intelligence bureaucracy, and most importantly a human tragedy in which thousands of Americans lost their lives - yet it's constantly invoked as a political tool when all else fails. So, Mr. Republican, what about the economy? What about the deficit? Oh, well, just think about 9/11 and how HEROIC we all were, don't worry about the things that impact your lives! Don't look at the rich white men behind the curtains!

It's the lowest, lamest, most hideous abuse of a tragedy that I've ever seen, and it's political maneuvering that tramples on the graves of those Americans and turns a horrendous failure into some sort of twisted diversionary tactic. The fact that 9/11 happened is treated as a license for politicians to do whatever the fuck they want with no fear of recourse, and if the people start to wonder just what's going on in Washington the Republicans just pull out that shiny tragedy to distract them.

I've just had it with this shit. By goog, let these people rest in fucking peace and focus on the issues!


Bad Mojo @ Tue Aug 31 11:06:49 -0400 2004

Ready to vote Nader yet?

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