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January 2014

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Shehryar Qamar recently posted a confession on the trance addict forums. Luckily for the people scammed there, he's refunding their money one at a time - unluckily for me, he claims not to have enough money to refund it. He has recommended that I sell the item on eBay and he pay the difference, or that he pay me back in installments and I return the item to him. If you think I'm about to do either of those, you're nuts.

So, around we go...


Dennis Donohue @ Thu Aug 19 12:25:54 -0400 2004

Hello mate. I have been awaiting reciept of a package from this exact same person (vinylpushers@hotmail.com), and stumbled across this post (thank goodness), when I was digging for personal information. Can you tell me how you have continued the situation? What things were done, and what officials were concerned? I was thought to have purchased a Nord Lead 3 from this person, and have been waiting 3 months for the shipment, which (obviously) has never arrived. I am in Belgium, so there are various international laws that I can use to my advantage, but I'm hoping you can let me know what you've done. Thank you so much,

Dennis Donohue

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