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January 2014

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I'm starting to feel like we've seen this before, somewhere. You have the Bush administration telling us there's a dire crisis, and that we have to do exactly what he says or the terrorists financial bogeyman will win.

Well, surely, he wouldn't lie to us again.

It is a bit strange to see the Democrats all gung ho this time, though. Isn't this the party for labor unions and the "working man?" You know, redistributing wealth downward, not upward? I guess at the end of the day anything that expands the power of the federal government - and the executive in particular, since they seem to think Obama will win - is A-OK by them.

When I heard that the bill was sunk, I eagerly looked up the roll call in the hopes that my representative, David Price, might have done the right thing. Unfortunately, he did not. Fortunately, I get to vote against him in November.

Everything else be damned, I'll be a one issue voter over this. Attempting to rob the taxpayers of almost a trillion dollars to fund a failed business model is not something that can go unpunished.

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