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January 2014

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So a few months ago I posted about the Nokia N800 - a wonderful little gizmo that brought the internets with me wherever I went. Not the crappy cell phone internets, no - the real, Firefox internets. The ones people throw money into, with names that seem like they were devised by preteens - you know, your "digg"s or "flickr"s or "twitters".

Anyway, the N800 is my full browsing experience. It won't go away any time soon - however, it got a new best friend when I was in New York: the Nokia N95(-3).

This is Nokia's flagship superphone for the North American market. The list of features is staggering - integrated GPS, 5 megapixel camera, 3.5G (HSDPA) on AT&T's weird frequencies, wifi, integrated SIP support, TV and audio out... well, it's huge.

And, I have to say, it's the best phone I've ever owned. If you need things the iPhone doesn't do (and I did - specifically I required A2DP, bluetooth tethering, and HSDPA) and don't care about QWERTY (I didn't) this is the best device on the market, hands down.

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