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January 2014

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Yes, Gentoo Linux sucks.

There are a couple of huge reasons why it sucks:

The sheer time it takes to compile everything means you've got a lot of wasted cycles on your hands, even when everything works.

It requires you to waste time with ultimately mundane configuration decisions that are handled automatically and competently by most other distributions.

Portage is broken, at least for several key packages I was trying to use. Admittedly I was setting up a system with fairly non-standard hardware with the 2.6 kernel, but packages for what I wanted were in portage - they just didn't work. I was having to compile a bunch of crap from the original tarballs - I thought Gentoo was going to do all this for me, hmmmmm?

Gentoo is of no value in a production environment and of marginal value anywhere else. The only uses I see for this distribution are for tinkerers and people who just want to learn what makes Linux tick. Otherwise, you're just creating more work and wasted time for yourself.


Kurrelgyre @ Tue Jul 06 22:35:47 -0400 2004

*cough* told you so *cough*

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