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Tonight's Battlestar... I don't even know what to think. The massive time jump for the last 20 some-odd minutes is something that just isn't done on TV. I can't think of a single other series that's inserted so much time with so much change so casually - in fact, it's the exact opposite of typical TV design philosophy, which is that at the end of an episode everything ends up basically where it started. Now... now we're somewhere entirely different, somewhere nobody would have imagined they would take us.

Of course, now we're looking at 7 months before the next episode - I guess I need to find a hobby.

I hate to say it, but Stargate SG1 is sucking less lately. It's still an eminently stupid and brainless show, but it's also relatively fun to watch now.

Stargate Atlantis... well, this show is just plain bad, mainly because the writers seem to follow an impressively formulaic routine.

Possible plotlines in SG:Atlantis are -

- Crew finds desirable technology and attempt to acquire it from another civilization, only to encounter a culture clash in which a misunderstanding leads to tensions.

- Crew finds a less advanced civilization in dire need of some assistance (often caused by something the crew does), wherein McKay usually steps in and McGuyvers up some solution for all their problems.

- Crew encounters a seemingly undefeatable enemy or disaster, only to succeed at the last moment by something McKay thinks up.

- Crew makes a deal with some untrustworthy civilization, only to (shocker!) invariably be betrayed.

Of all these things, the show fails the most because of the betrayal thing. In fact, the crew is almost always betrayed if they ever try to work with another culture. Yet after being burned time and again, they keep at it... what is WRONG with these people?

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