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January 2014

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It's something that most people are probably already aware of - if you're an average Joe, working for an average company, getting by in an average sort of way, you really have no say in how vast chunks of your life will play out.

Democracy ends where the company begins. There's so much chatter about "ownership" in this country, how every individual can have his slice of the 'ol pie. But really it's all just that, chatter - ownership doesn't mean you actually own anything. Sure, you may own your car, or some day you may even own your house. But your fate is not your own - at the very least, 40 hours of your week will be spent doing something which you have almost no say or control over.

The notions of "ownership" and "democracy" don't extend to the private sector. You may be able to vote in a Presidential election, but what impact will that have on your daily existence? Very little, I'd wager, unless you work in the politics business. When one considers that so much of one's life is spent in duty not of one's country, but of one's *company*, it's interesting to note that on a personal level your freedom is sharply curtailed, and a large portion of your life is ruled by the "dictator" of your company.

They talk about ownership... stock options, 401Ks, what have you. But what sort of "ownership" is that, really? You're giving them your money to play with - you have no real say in what they do with it. You don't really "own" a part of your company, your company owns a part of you.

In a true capitalistic democracy, a company would not exist only to enhance its profit - a company would exist to serve both the people who work for it and the people who do business with it. I suppose that's the dream of the "big L" Libertarians - but it really is just that, a dream. In this day and age, companies are seldom groups of people working together; they're far more likely to be faceless entities run by a few corrupt individuals who shuffle people around to maximize profit.

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