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January 2014

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Today I got a chance to head out to Davi's new range up in north Raleigh. We'd gone up there a few weeks ago and I purchased a Remington 870, but the range wasn't open then and I've had no chance to shoot it until now.

The shotgun feels great when you shoot it, but it's not exactly a precision weapon and it tears through targets fast. After a few shots I got a chance to try out Tim's gun, and this was also the first time I'd shot a handgun. After starting off well, my body seemed to start pre-reacting to the explosion before I pulled the trigger - I got a little jittery and my aim went crazy. I eventually settled back down and did, in my opinion, not badly at all for a first outing.

I almost surely will buy a hand gun at some point in the future, but right now I've got another major purchase to worry about first...

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