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January 2014

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... but instead, it got me a bike.

I'm now the proud owner of a $1080 bike, though I don't have it yet. I purchased a Cannondale T800 (pictured above, pretty ain't it?) from a shop in Durham. After upgrading the seat and shifters and picking up other miscellaneous crap, I walked out of the bike shop with $1450 less than when I entered it.


All the research in the world had gotten me pretty much nowhere, but I'm ultimately pretty comfortable with this purchase. That makes for two obscenely-high-dollar toys I've bought this year (my Powerbook being the other), but I have no regrets - the Powerbook has already proven itself, and I'm sure the bike will do likewise.

If I end up doing nothing more than commuting, I think it'll still be worth it.


Nick @ Mon Oct 11 07:45:41 -0400 2004

Hey Dude,
I've been tracking your powerbook scam from TA. I was happy to see you got a refund from your credit card company. Thats so awesome! See, you came out on top of this whole ordeal! You got to keep a perfectly good powerbook and get your money back! :) e-mail me back because I am working with some other people on putting together a legal options packet for all those involved in this. Apparently some TAs have some close ties with the authorities.

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