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January 2014

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I'm just taking a second to mention that I'm really happy with how things are going right now. Personally, professionally, everything. I'm especially happy, though, with Annie, who I must say I really like on so many levels.

I keep trying to reign in the optimism a bit, because after all, we've only been seeing each for a little bit over a month, and realistically there's a not insignificant chance that it just won't work out for whatever reason. However, if it does... well, she's something truly special. I had an odd moment the other day where I could envision a future there, and it just felt... right.

I'm no Don Juan or anything, but I'm giving this one my best effort, that's for damn sure. I'll just have to see where it all takes me...


Edward @ Thu Jul 06 19:12:54 -0400 2006

Sweet! Gore has a chick!
I guess I've disappeared, my hard drive died, then I ghosted over my other one when it didnt ghost right to SATA.

Oh and, hooray for character transfer!

Jeremy @ Fri Jul 07 14:40:42 -0400 2006

Word. Stop by IRC sometime yo.

Edward @ Mon Jul 10 12:30:14 -0400 2006

I need to set up a shell at home so I can get IRC from school (port blocking), what's the server now? All my data was lost.

Jeremy @ Thu Jul 13 20:11:40 -0400 2006

irc.freenode.net #mojozilla

Or mail me or something. jeremy.thornhill@gmail.com

Listener @ Fri Sep 29 13:11:17 -0400 2006

You should update your blog. A lot has happened.

Chris @ Tue Oct 03 20:35:58 -0400 2006

Well, what ever became of this? Are you still with her??

Brian @ Wed Oct 25 21:27:42 -0400 2006

Dude, no writing since June? You dead?

You are definitely not allowed to get married before me. This head-start is totally unfair. I don't care if you ARE older than me!

But really, wow man. That's great. Assuming it hasn't tanked in the 4ish months since you posted.

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